Thursday, July 01, 2010

Weekend in Saskatoon

I received some unfortunate news last week; my sister in law Sherry's father had died. I always quite liked Sam as he always made feel extremely welcome in their home. With the opportunity to pay respects and visit with the family I took off immediately from work Thursday night.

Mom was home the first night and most of the next day - I picked Richard up after the funeral and Mom went through some of her pictures of her many travels with him.
Later that night Richard and I joined Lawrence and Nikki down by the Bessborough in the Jazz Festival beer gardens.
The next day I hung out with Lawrence for most of the day. We started out the day with Nikki looking for a car at the PBR auctions. There were no deals that day, but I did get a sweet shot of this badass dude.
Later in the day, Betty directed us to a used car lot neither Lawrence or I had ever heard of. It turned out to be fortuitous as we ended up finding a car for Nikki. The car lot was pretty funny. It was basically just a couple of dudes hanging out behind a church drinking beer in lawn chairs using an old Impala for storage/office.
We finished the day back at Betty and Lawrence's, hanging out with the party animals.
On the way back to Edmonton I stopped in Lloydminster and took a picture of the Ivanhoe Motel for the Thunder Bay folks. It always seems to catch my eye as I drive through.
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