Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Montreal Bound

Off to Montreal for a few days for a hockey tourney - won't be updating for a bit.


Empire Ave
What I have seen this week

Renaissance Man - Part 3

In the fall I attended an arts volunteer event.
I'm not sure. Maybe it was the free ticket and free lunch offered.

While there, I connected with some people from the Edmonton Opera. They were looking for board members and volunteers for the Edmonton Opera Encore club.  I thought it was a good chance to meet new people and try out some high fallooting artsy stuff.  Most of my volunteer work has consisted of attending meetings and helping to set-up some social gatherings.

As we are at the end of the Opera season the Encore group held their big blow-out party. This year it was entitled Storm the Stage and Rock the House. Basically it was a big party on the stage of the Jubilee within the Otello set.  Full backstage tours were offered, plus the chance to actually play Rock Band on the stage through the stage speaker system.

The party was only enhanced by the chance to play dress-up with old de-comissioned Opera costumes and a cash bar.
My first outfit of the night - this jacket was seriously at least 20 pounds.
Ivan was my wingman for the night and after a few beverages got into the swing of things.

 Also in attendance was Amy and her new beau(?) Todd
As it was the end of the season - a few group shots were needed.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Bike Riding

I stopped in at Monica and Pauls a few nights back. They were about to take the kids out on their bikes.  They are actually self-propelled Flintstones style bikes - no pedals. I think they're cooler than training wheels. Monica said I'm not allowed to post any pictures of her - but she might sneak into the background of a few.

But first - Claire on behest of her Father pulling my leg hair
Get your motor runnin'
The vigilant Momma.
Proper crossing technique.
Riding off into the sunset.

Monday, April 26, 2010


It's been an unbelievable spring weather wise.  A little while back Christina and I killed a Sunday walking around.  Good times.

Fun times at the Legislative Grounds

Downtown through the Muttart Pyramids

Lot's of walking at the beginning of the year takes it's toll.

Looking downtown from the southside.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Calgary Entertainment Expo 2010

Yesterday (Saturday) I boarded a bus at 6am at my local comic shop to head down to Calgary for the Entertainment Expo.  I didn't really know what to expect but I was blown away by all the people and all the costumes.

One of the first things I did was try and track down Leonard Nimoy.  The whole day there were multi-hour lineups to meet him and get autographs. I chose to take a pic from a distance rather than wait in line.

Other celebrities I was pumped to see where Billy Dee Williams (Lando!) and Brent Spiner (Data)

I also got to meet and see some of my favorite comic book folks. Chris Claremont, Len Wein, Cary Nord and one of my all time favourites Bruce Timm.  Here he is drawing a Batman headshot.

Bruce Timm already had a huge list of commission orders so I went to see Art Baltazar who does Tiny Titans. He drew me Superman with some crayons. I think it's awesome.

Of course there were lots of cool costumes - mostly hot chicks dressed up. Some of my favorites for obvious reasons.

For more of my pictures from the ComicCon click here

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Conan O'Brien

Last weekend Conan O'Brien was in Edmonton playing the River Cree Casino -the same place where I play hockey.

The show was good not great.  It was pretty cool to see him and Andy and some of their familiar bits.  However, there were too many sight gags that went on forever and way too many musical numbers. Apparently Conan really wanted to be a musician growing up.

The tailored jokes about Edmonton were by far the funniest parts.  Of course, the big mall and the oilsands are pretty easy targets.

The show gets a solid 6.5 out of ten in part due to a great opener named Reggie Watts.

If you want a cheap pop in Edmonton - show up in an Oilers jersey.

Due to legal reasons the Masturbating Bear has been renamed the Self Pleasuring Panda.

Musical number and one of their sight gags. The background inflatable is supposed to be from Meatloafs Bat Out Of Hell tour.

Bonus: I went for some appetizers at the casino bar afterwards and saw the ugliest jersey ever: the Glenn Anderson HOF commemorative jersey.

Monday, April 19, 2010


I had my first work done at a Dentist today in about 4 or 5 years.
A couple of cavities were capped as well as a fix on a filling that came loose yesterday.
The freezing is just starting to wear off, so the pain is beginning.

Time to buy stock in the makers of Tylenol.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mary Kehrig Quilts in Edmonton

A couple of my buddies at work have either just recently had a child or are currently awaiting a child.
I figured that since Mom is addicted to making quilts and most of them end up with strangers, I might as well volunteer her services to my buddies. 

Last time I was home at Easter I picked them up. One for a baby girl and one for a baby boy.

Chris and his blanket for their upcoming baby girl

Adam and his blanket for his boy Parker.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trip to the Telus World of Science

Last weekend my BFF Christina and I went to the see the new Imax film Journey to Mecca. The film was ok - lots of sweeping shots of the desert which doesn't really do much for me. However, all the current shots of Mecca itself were outstanding.  The amount of people doing the pilgramage is truly astounding and was represented really well by the aerial and time lapse videos.

Of course there are all kinds of other fun stuff to do at the Science Centre.

False Advertising?

Completely true!

Trippy entrance way

Rolling on the police bike

Christina re-enactmant of the Moon Landing

Nice Gams

Weatherlady. Ahem, I mean Meteorologist.

Koi boy