Sunday, April 11, 2010

Renaissance Man?

I was sick most of this week not wanting to stray too far from adequate facilities.  Eventually when I did go out it was to accompany two fine ladies to the Ballet/Opera. On Thursday night there was an ArtsScene party at the dress rehearsal that had mingling, food, booze and a behind the scenes tour. 

It presented my first chance to consume real food over a couple of days - so my face was looking a bit more gaunt - however this is closer to how I should look.

The event itself was quite subdued, a lot of hipster looking folks and people that seemed to be quite open until I came by and said something. No one ever talks to me at these events, except one dude told me he liked my Jets shirt, so I found a comfy purple chair and did portriats with the ladies.

Eventually we got into the Theatre to watch the dress rehearsal. Even though there were some extremely fit ballerinas I thought other than the singing it was just horrible. 

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that attending that show was the absolute gayest thing I have ever done. I can now remove ever going to the ballet again from my to-do list.
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