Monday, September 16, 2013


So I got married a couple of days ago....that happened!

Chrissy and I are still a little overwhelmed by the great turnout and the more than expected affection, generosity and love directed our way. For now, please accept a large general THANK YOU from us until we can find the proper words.

As we get ready to honeymoon I will leave you with our wedding reception 'growing up' video.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Engagement Photos

Just mere days away from the wedding I present the full final set of engagement photos taken by my talented sister Monica.

Coney Island Candy on Whyte Avenue (now closed)

Enjoying the river valley in the Crestwood area.

Our 'courtship' occurred mostly in the Downtown of Edmonton. We have some great memories of spending time in the downtown and felt it was a good place to capture and preserve the special occasion of our engagement.

Special Days of Our Lives John Black and Marlena (Doc) pose.

The intoxicating scent of love

The master and constant inspiration
We spent many an hour after work at Sherlock Holmes. Often we would find ourselves in the last/worst seat in the house located under the stairs...somehow it turned into our favorite.


We first met in my second interview for a position at EEDC located in Edmonton's World Trade Centre. She was dragged in to give her thoughts on her potential new colleague. I could tell she was infatuated with me from the onset and I got the job.

Thanks to Monica for taking the pictures. Thanks to Christina for saying YES.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Maui - April 2013 - Odds and Ends

My long overdue posts (#3 of 3) of the adventures of Stu, Chrissy, Rob & Carryn in Maui.

More pictures / highlights of the trip.

My current favorite picture of Christina

Our 'local' pub Moose McGillycuddy's where you could often find us having cheap girlie drinks at happy hour.

Bacon wrapped Bacon with deep fried pickles
Spot Rob and Carryn in the window

The best ice cream sandwich Chrissy or I have ever had at Hula Cookies

 The couple that climbs together stays together.

 Spotting Sea Turtles

Chrissy getting a pair of pearl for new earrings.

Our condo had a deck shuffleboard. We made up the rules as we went and drew quite the crowd.

Fresh coconut juice = pure bliss

Our ridiculous last supper just hours before getting on the plane to Edmonton.

Big thank-you to the Berk's for setting up the holiday and for being the best company possible during our stay.  We loved spending time with you.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Maui - April 2013 - Waterlogged

My long overdue posts (#2 of 3) of the adventures of Stu, Chrissy, Rob & Carryn in Maui.

While I love hanging out at lakes, casting from a boat, canoeing down streams, and being near the ocean I wouldn't characterise myself as a 'water guy' in I don't swim well, or enjoy water sports. That and my general hyperactivity and inability to sit still at a beach had Chrissy and I unsure just how well I would do on an island.

While some days were packed full of stuff to do, other days we just lounged around beach hopping.
Usually, a beach day would consist of Rob and Carryn snorkeling (Chrissy and I would sometimes join), a short walk, a beverage, some boogie boarding, switch beaches, another beverage, a fish taco and then the guys doing more boogie boarding while the girls sat in the sun watching for whale spouts and admiring the surfer dudes.

Christina at the Dragons Teeth near Kapalua

Windsurfing at Ho'okipa Beach Park
Crashing Waves at D.T Fleming Beach Park
During our beach hopping we made it South to Big Beach:  3,000 feet wide with fine white sand regarded as one of the best and most picturesque beaches on Maui. We were soon to learn that it's also known for big erratic breakers.

As soon as we arrived and staked our spot on the beach Chrissy grabbed a boogie board and headed for the water.

She got a few rides in on some nice waves when the big breakers started to hit. She took a few tumbles but continued getting back on the board.  I was pretty impressed and entertained so I started videoing her rides. And right at that point a huge wave came in. She got up on the crest, rode it for a second and then took a header into the sand. Thankfully, she ended up rolling off her shoulders and wasn't seriously hurt. As she stood up though she left some of her modesty behind - her bathing suit top had slipped to her waist. It only took a second as she noticed the look on the man beside her and pulled up her top. With another wave coming crashing in on her she turned around and attempted to ride it out by sitting on it. It was pure comedy gold.

Unfortunately I am banned from showing the video to anyone. But as a sample, the picture below displays how I will imagine for all time my beloved defending herself from waves (note Carryn's graceful stride into the water as a counterpoint).

Like I mentioned she ended up from the ordeal sore and without major injuries. Christina was lucky. The next day at Big Beach a teenager ended up breaking his neck from a bad spill. Later in the week when Chrissy went to get a massage to alleviate the pain of her water beatings the masseuse confirmed his suspicion: While pressing down on a knot in her back "Big Beach?" Christina, "Yup".

Everyday on the island was it's own unique day with the water being murky, calm or rough. The only constant was by the end of the day it would be nice and settled. Almost every night on the island the four of us would watch the sunset together, usually from Kamaole Beach III. While none of the sunsets were the spectacular type found on postcards they were all quite stunning.
Rob and Carryn - Lovebirds

My beach experience turned out pretty great but I think the majority of the positive experience is a reflection of the company I shared.