Thursday, September 05, 2013

Maui - April 2013 - Odds and Ends

My long overdue posts (#3 of 3) of the adventures of Stu, Chrissy, Rob & Carryn in Maui.

More pictures / highlights of the trip.

My current favorite picture of Christina

Our 'local' pub Moose McGillycuddy's where you could often find us having cheap girlie drinks at happy hour.

Bacon wrapped Bacon with deep fried pickles
Spot Rob and Carryn in the window

The best ice cream sandwich Chrissy or I have ever had at Hula Cookies

 The couple that climbs together stays together.

 Spotting Sea Turtles

Chrissy getting a pair of pearl for new earrings.

Our condo had a deck shuffleboard. We made up the rules as we went and drew quite the crowd.

Fresh coconut juice = pure bliss

Our ridiculous last supper just hours before getting on the plane to Edmonton.

Big thank-you to the Berk's for setting up the holiday and for being the best company possible during our stay.  We loved spending time with you.

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