Monday, May 31, 2010

Going Home Again - Saskatchewan Visit (Part 3)

I was really looking forward to my Saskie trip and all the fun stuff to do at the lake and in Saskatoon. Unfortunately the weather was absolutely horrible as it either rained or was extremely windy the whole time.

I still managed to find stuff to do though.

Saturday at the lake consisted mostly of driving around and hanging out in the Cabin.  The countryside was completely saturated: unlike the drought like conditions in Edmonton. Even though everything was wet I still had to take a drive down the FireTower road.

Why did I have to go down FireTower road? To get to Chelan bar and try out its local delicacy: Pickled Turkey Gizzard. Delicious if you like the taste of super dry turkey neck and the texture of a superball.

In between downpours Christina and I walked around checking out the sites and hitting up playgrounds.

Back in Saskatoon on the last night of the trip I experienced my very first drive-in movie. I was excited, but Christina was downright giddy. One of the downsides of having such long days is that it takes forever to get dark enough for the movie to start. Two screens were playing movies and we chose to watch Iron Man 2. Attendance was quite poor and the property is for sale, so if you're looking to check out a drive-in movie you better take the opportunity while you still can.

Once it got dark enough the screen and clarity was surprisingly good. This is one retro trend that could use a comeback.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Going Home Again - Saskatchewan Visit (Part 2)

A big part of any trip home is visiting friends and family.
I was lucky enough to see Rob's family and Bryce my first night in town.

We arrived at Rob's just in time to watch most of the overtime game. The Blackhawks won and Jayman took off on a victory lap around the block.

On the way back from Greenwater I stopped in St.Brieux to see Regan Uliski and his family.  It's been 3 years since I saw Regan.  Regan works for the RCMP and was starting the next day in his new detachment in Naicam. They had just moved into their new place right on St. Brieux lake and it was cool to see how much his kids have grown and their new place.

The new place.
Regan's oldest Marino and his beloved Wii controllers
The middle sibling Shula

Family picture (missing Gadsden, the youngest, who is napping)

The final night in Saskatoon Stephanie hosted a BBQ which was fantastic.

I also got the chance to visit with Randy and his family at Round Lake where I was treated to a lunch of both duck and buffalo. Amelia is growing like a sunflower plant - skinny and tall. Unfortunately I was charging my camera battery at the time so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Going Home Again - Saskatchewan Visit (Part 1)

For the May long weekend I decided to take a roadtrip to Greenwater Lake.  My trip consisted of visiting some of my old friends and a few of my own haunts.

For me, it was a coming home of sorts to the places other than Edmonton where I have lived: Humboldt, Greenwater and Saskatoon.

Me in front of the old house in Humboldt which the new owners have given a facelift.

The office at Greenwater where we lived during summer and Cabin A where I stayed the weekend.

I was pretty pumped when I came across this sign at the corner of Pheasant Avenue and the land that Dad developed for cabins.

Finally what I consider to be home in Saskatoon (home is wherever Mom lives).

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back at Bat - Starting up Slo-Pitch


For the first time in about 4 years I'm playing slo-pitch again. I was lucky enough to get on a team when a friend of mine went and decided to have a baby.  Good job Jessica and Matt!

After two games I've been pretty hot at the plate and slowly improving in the field at the hot corner 3rd base.

After two games I've had 9 at bats. I've reached base 8 times - twice on errors. The only time I didn't make it on base was a fielders choice where I still got an RBI.

Technically, I'm batting 1.000 at 6 for 6 with two home runs (no fences).

My first game in the field I let one by me I should have had and threw one in the dirt over to first. Not a good showing. In the second game one hot shot got by me and I actually found my range throwing to first. 
So far so good - but I've always been a streaky player and I know that a slump at bat and in the field is inevitable.

A couple of pictures from the May 17th game between Puss N Bats (my team) and the Holy Mitts. Final score was a tie 17-17. No extra innings.

Batting clean-up looking to give it a ride

The big swing

Like a fat gazelle rounding second - Notice the CF now getting the ball

The old baseball card pose. You can almost taste the stale gum.

Monday, May 17, 2010

First Golf Game of the Season

It has been excellent weather in Edmonton so last Friday after work I went golfing for the first time this year.
Christina and I played the Fort In View golf course north of Edmonton by Gibbons. It's a nice course with a somewhat strange view of the Industrial Heartland (Refinery stacks in the distance).

Here's Christina getting ready
Christina at the Tee off
My perfect form.
On the 6th hole Christina drained a 150 yard fairway shot into the hole after a run on the green and hitting the flag. It was pretty sweet. She's a good little golfer.
It was impressive but I had my collar popped and was too busy being awesome to care.
All in all it was good times.