Thursday, May 06, 2010

Montreal Hockey Trip

Last week (April 29th to May 2nd) I traveled to Montreal with a great group of guys to play hockey. We put two teams into the tournament. My team (North Shore Ice Ninjas) played in the 'D' division and consisted of a lot of my regular hockey teams core players, the other team (North Shore Ice Devils) was mostly a bunch of young bucks who played in the 'B' division.

While there I took the opportunity to do some sight seeing. 

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Old Montreal is beautiful. I think it might be the nicest looking church in all of Canada.

The night life in Montreal is legendary and we definitely sampled some of the options.

Of course we also sampled the fine foods.

I ordered first and got a Smoked Meat Sandwich - Extra Fat, plus a pickle. No one else at our table knew what to do with the waiters thick accent so they all ordered the same.

As for the hockey, the two teams had completely different outcomes.

My team - the Ice Ninjas won our first game Friday night 4-2 against a team from Newfoundland. We lost the second game Saturday morning 6-3 to a team from Ontario then lost our third game 5-2 to a team from Toronto (the shame).  This officially eliminated us from playing in the Sunday finals.

We had pretty solid scoring through the line-up but had trouble finishing.  Our goalie was outstanding and was the real reason we were even in contention.

The second team -Ice Devils- had an awesome tournament. They ended up winning their first 2 games and then tying the other top team in their division (full of a bunch of jr. A guys and a couple OHL dudes) in their final pool game. This set-up a rematch in the final. The rematch game was fantastic and the Ice Devils came away with a tight one goal win. 

Celebration time.

Montreal is such a fabulous city. I'm glad I was able to experience it with such a great bunch of guys.

For more pics - Click on this link

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