Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Geoff!

It's my brother Geoff's birthday today. It's one of two family birthdays I always remember. Mostly because it is so close to my own birthday. The other one is Richards as its the day after Halloween.  
I forgot my own Mothers birthday this year. I'm a horrible son.

Growing up Geoff was my hero as he was the closest male sibling in age and played all the cool sports. Occasionally he would even play sports with me. This usually ended with me crying downstairs while Geoff stuffed a pillow on my face so Mom wouldn't hear. Sometimes another brother would witness my beatdowns and then hold Geoff down while I was told to sit on his face and fart.

Here is my favorite picture of Geoff from his glory years. I used to think that shirt was the coolest, and I still covet it to this day.

Acouple more pictures of me and Geoff from the good old days.

At Richards wedding

Hanging on the couch (Monica off to the right)

Happy Birthday Geoff! Cheers on many more!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wings Win

The Red Wings just beat the Oilers for the first time this year 5-4.
God do I hate the Oilers, the only time they play any good is against my beloved Wings.

This season is so messed up, the Flames and their stacked D are going to miss the playoffs and I have completely no idea who will win the Stanley Cup this year.

The East is brutal, but the Caps can put the puck in the net, Malkin may come back rested and on fire, and if Kovy doesn't bust and Brodeur and Langenbrunner play their normal playoff selfs they could be great.

I don't even know who the favorite in the West would be. The Sharks are full of a bunch of chokers, and Marleau has disapeared, but did their Olympic winners finally learn what it takes? Chicago is missing Campbell and I don't know if they're ready to ride Niemi - Watching Hossa lose in the finals again would be awesome. I see the Canucks winning a lot of 2-1 playoff games.  I love the fact that Coyotes are pretty much the same team as last year but are now winning - maybe it was their "Great" coach?

And the Red Wings? They are playing outstanding right now (except against Edmonton), but they have lost a lot of close games this year and given up the lead, and big leads way too much.  I just don't know if they can challenge for the cup....



Ahhh! Zombie Yzerman!

Disregard what I said Red Wings win the Stanley Cup sweeping all 4 series.

2010 Olympics Appreciation Rally

It's been a couple of busy days at work as I've been working overtime to finish a couple of projects with end of Q1 deliverables.  I did manage to take lunch off today and head down to Churchill Square (City Hall) for the Edmonton 2010 Olympic & Paralympic athletes appreciation rally.

I'm horrible at estimating crowd size but I think there was probably about 600 people assembled. I snapped some pictures below.

Work folks checking out the action - from left to right. Michelle, Mike, Chris, Lindsays knees and hands

The parade of athletes through the square and in front of the new Art Gallery of Alberta

It's only a matter of time before there is a citizens revolt and Kevin Martin is proclaimed Mayor.

I would vote for him - We are both NAIT alumni - we stick together

Sunday, March 28, 2010


My 31st Birthday

Started off like any day as I walked to work.  However as soon as I got into the office I found my birthday gift from my co-workers who I share an office with.

Apparently Michael spent a good portion of the previous night working on it as he sent the following e-mail below at about 2:30am. 

From: Michael Lam

Sent: March 26, 2010 2:32 AM
Subject: Happy Birthday Stuart!

Hi Teammates!

So… it is Stuart's birthday today!!!! YA… Stuart has a birthday like each of us, although he consistently denies he has one nor he wanted people to throw a big party for him…

BUT!!! Who listens to Stuart anyways…. So Jamie and I decided to do something for him!

When we acquired the bookcase, Stuart made a comment: "I want a Batman and Superman bookend like this, they are my hero, I love them!!!!!"

Well well well…. When we went on eBay and found out those two heroes would cost $300… and figured "That's way above our pay grade!"

So I decided to make one for him and ding ding ding ding ding ding, "Barbie's bookend!"

Let me introduce you to our two ladies, the one on the left is "Cutie Barbie" and the one on the right is "Girly Barbie". (That's they real name… don't ask me how I know…)

So the two blondes' are sitting at Stuart's desk, waiting for the glue to dry!!

I just can't wait to see his face, I know he would love them :)

It would be nice that if we can say "Happy Birthday" when we see him today…. just keep it low profile :)

Who doesn't get a surprise for his birthday, right?!

Time to go home,


Needless to say I think it's pretty awesome.

About Michael: He's a young guy recently graduated from the UofA. He is originally from Hong Kong, his speaking english is very good but you can see from above his writing isn't always the greatest.  I've nicknamed him "PopPop" as I have figured out his modus. He has come to Canada solely to impregnate women and expand the Chinese influence. 

Here's PopPop
I share an office with PopPop and Jamie. Jamie arranged a bit of a birthday party around 2pm with special cupcakes. They are pretty much ideal office mates.

This is the view from my office window. We had some fresh snow this morning.

After the cupcake birthday party I went to the Edmonton Research Park for their monthly social.  The social pretty much revolves around the ping pong table.  I partnered with PopPop and played the ladies seen here. They smoked us. Just my luck to have the only Asian in the world not good at ping pong as my partner.
After work I went to Teddy's with Christina for a birthday supper. Awesome as always.

My birthday finished up with a hockey game. It was the final league game of the season before playoffs. We lost 2-1 and finished in eighth out about 12 teams. 

Overall a good day. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Last night at 30 years old.

I decided to take it easy - cooked up a pork tenderloin for me and my best girl Christina then out to an event at Latitude 53 in Edmonton to hang out with hipsters and pretentious artists.

Christina helping/doing the dishes for me.

Dressed up in theme which was Rockabilly/MadMen

The event itslef was exceedingly lame with obviously artsy people exclaiming their love for their
The best part of the night was Edmontons finest Ukelele cover band the Be Arthurs rocking out.

I'll be taking a ton more pictures over the year for the blog - Christina is a reluctant model.

Of course I had to celebrate 30 years.

And thats it for 30!

First Blog Post

Hello all - I officially turn 31 on March 26th 2010. Inspired by siblings Monica and Geoff texts and pictures over the last couple of year I have decided to chronicle my 31st year through a blog.  Eventually I'll probably turn it into a book for myself to drool over in my senile old years.  I say probably turn into a book, because I'm sure after a few weeks I'll either get rid of it all or just plan forget.

Vital Stats

Height: 5 ft 11 and 3/4rs
Weight: Today 218 pounds. Three days ago before 3 straight days of work receptions (free food) 212 #'s
City living in: Edmonton
Employment: Economic Development Officer for Edmonton Economic Development Corporation

I can currently be found all over the internets at