Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Geoff!

It's my brother Geoff's birthday today. It's one of two family birthdays I always remember. Mostly because it is so close to my own birthday. The other one is Richards as its the day after Halloween.  
I forgot my own Mothers birthday this year. I'm a horrible son.

Growing up Geoff was my hero as he was the closest male sibling in age and played all the cool sports. Occasionally he would even play sports with me. This usually ended with me crying downstairs while Geoff stuffed a pillow on my face so Mom wouldn't hear. Sometimes another brother would witness my beatdowns and then hold Geoff down while I was told to sit on his face and fart.

Here is my favorite picture of Geoff from his glory years. I used to think that shirt was the coolest, and I still covet it to this day.

Acouple more pictures of me and Geoff from the good old days.

At Richards wedding

Hanging on the couch (Monica off to the right)

Happy Birthday Geoff! Cheers on many more!
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