Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wings Win

The Red Wings just beat the Oilers for the first time this year 5-4.
God do I hate the Oilers, the only time they play any good is against my beloved Wings.

This season is so messed up, the Flames and their stacked D are going to miss the playoffs and I have completely no idea who will win the Stanley Cup this year.

The East is brutal, but the Caps can put the puck in the net, Malkin may come back rested and on fire, and if Kovy doesn't bust and Brodeur and Langenbrunner play their normal playoff selfs they could be great.

I don't even know who the favorite in the West would be. The Sharks are full of a bunch of chokers, and Marleau has disapeared, but did their Olympic winners finally learn what it takes? Chicago is missing Campbell and I don't know if they're ready to ride Niemi - Watching Hossa lose in the finals again would be awesome. I see the Canucks winning a lot of 2-1 playoff games.  I love the fact that Coyotes are pretty much the same team as last year but are now winning - maybe it was their "Great" coach?

And the Red Wings? They are playing outstanding right now (except against Edmonton), but they have lost a lot of close games this year and given up the lead, and big leads way too much.  I just don't know if they can challenge for the cup....



Ahhh! Zombie Yzerman!

Disregard what I said Red Wings win the Stanley Cup sweeping all 4 series.

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