Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Humboldt in Edmonton

A couple of weekends ago my buddies Bryce and Glenn came to town. Originally Bryce was going to flat track race in Thorhild but the weather report said there would be rain. Not one to pass up on a good time they came anyways to hang out with Dan and myself.

After some drinks at Julio's, and the Tilted Kilt we hit up the Pint for some table kegs. It quickly became a shit show.

Around this time we got Andrew on the phone and made the announcement of the newest members to the Humboldt Fucking Hall of Fame. Congratulations to Cal "Fucking" Hobbes and Ryan "Fucking" Merkosky. 
The night continued to blur on to the Black Dog and a long cab ride home.
The next day we headed downtown and briefly checked out the Pride Parade - it was pretty gay...heyo!
We powered up again with some specialty jello shots placed into orange peels. They were fabulous...heyo!

All powered up we headed to Dan's and had a great BBQ before heading to the basement to drink OV. Just look at these athletes lined up. Seriously though, we're athletes.
The morning was a little rough but hanging with Dan's girl  Hazel helped wake us all up. Note the model like pose and the goofy pose...the girl has range.
 And she is an artist.
It was a great weekend with the old boys from Humboldt. Drinking too much warm OV, taking one joke and running it into the ground and hanging out in a basement. It was like a great trip back in time..
But, Fuck it all came to an end by noon on Sunday.

Thanks for coming to town and hanging out guys. Thanks to Chrissy and Deb for putting up with us. We'll have to do it again soon.

Bonus picture: The Family Dan from the weekend.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Rugby Couple

Last weekend my friends Kevin and Melinda came down from Grande Prairie to play rugby in Edmonton.  I jumped at the chance to hang out at the pitches all day drinking beer and watching.

Big Daddy Kevin of the Centaurs

Melinda of the Sirens

Melinda was playing Prop and was pretty bad ass in the scrums and lineouts. Very impressive.

Kevin seemed to be playing all over the place. It looked like he got some time in as a hooker, prop, 8 man and in the backs.

Dan and his girl Hazel came out to witness the action. Hazel had the best seat in the house.

At one time - all three of us were athletes.

Kevin modelling both of his teams jerseys on the day. Note: the pink one was for a charity initiative.

It was great to watch the two of them play. Melinda is a natural out there and Kevin is of course a bit of a superstar. Proven by his multiple tries on the day. It's funny - I still remember his first try ever quite well. It was later in his high-school career and he finished a fantastic team effort of rolling rucks and malls that went down the length of the whole field. After that - the floodgates opened.

I'm already looking forward to their next trip to Edmonton and watching both Kevin and Melinda popping in a few on their next time around.

Sunday, June 03, 2012


We found this in the mailbox earlier this week.
So much to love...