Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Weekend in Saskatoon

Easter Weekend

I decided to head back to Saskatoon for Easter weekend. Partly to see Mom and the family and partly to test out my new (to me) car. A Honda 2006 Civic.

I left Edmonton about 10am friday morning and had an unventful drive to Saskatoon. The weather was fantastic, but other than the cool looking big sky, the drive in April is grey and boring.

Good Friday this year fell on Liam's birthday so once I hit mom's place, I packed her in the car and did the big drive around the block to Stephanies place.  Liam seemed pretty happy to see me, so after some cake I played soccer in the back yard against him. Sonia joined in for awhile, so it was 2 against 1. Even with Steph's neighbor burning leaves, thereby affecting my lung capaity, I still managed to overcome the odds and be triumphant. I'm the future. 

Lawrence and I went to the Blades game that night: Game 1 of the second round. The Blades were playing the Wheatkings with their Saskatoon born star Brayden Schenn.  The Blades lost the game 6-5 due to some exceptionally poor goaltending.

Saturday was mostly for relaxing and kicking around until supper time when Randy, Lawrence and Steph's families showed up. 

A lot of my time was spent hanging around with Mom.  She showed me her pictures from New Zealand and Australia. As well, pictures of her quilts and actual quilts on the go.

We also went for a few walks - through the farmers market to see the wares and the chicken feeding lady, & by the river valley to see the crocuses bloom.

It was a good, albeit short trip.
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