Sunday, April 11, 2010

Renaissance Man? (Part 2)

This weekend I had to remove and replace part of my bath-tub fixture.
It was the tub divertor which makes it so you can have a shower or a bath.  Since I moved in I have been only able to use the shower and not the tub spout. Then during the week the divertor went kabloeey and only the tub spout worked.

My bathroom is a bit of a mess that I can't afford to re-do yet. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to do any more work in there (I previously replaced a sink) until I was ready to do it all, but I was forced to do my own home plumbing.

The search for the divertor (middle piece) took me to a few diferent places until I found the correct replacement part.

Turns out the reason it was hard to find is because it's ancient.
Once I found the part it was a cinch to install and finish.

The whole process was about half as painful as the ballet.  Zing!
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