Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Renaissance Man - Part 3

In the fall I attended an arts volunteer event.
I'm not sure. Maybe it was the free ticket and free lunch offered.

While there, I connected with some people from the Edmonton Opera. They were looking for board members and volunteers for the Edmonton Opera Encore club.  I thought it was a good chance to meet new people and try out some high fallooting artsy stuff.  Most of my volunteer work has consisted of attending meetings and helping to set-up some social gatherings.

As we are at the end of the Opera season the Encore group held their big blow-out party. This year it was entitled Storm the Stage and Rock the House. Basically it was a big party on the stage of the Jubilee within the Otello set.  Full backstage tours were offered, plus the chance to actually play Rock Band on the stage through the stage speaker system.

The party was only enhanced by the chance to play dress-up with old de-comissioned Opera costumes and a cash bar.
My first outfit of the night - this jacket was seriously at least 20 pounds.
Ivan was my wingman for the night and after a few beverages got into the swing of things.

 Also in attendance was Amy and her new beau(?) Todd
As it was the end of the season - a few group shots were needed.

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