Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Being that Mom lives in Saskatoon and thats 5 hours away from Edmonton I couldn't really do anything all that personal as a gift.  I especially can't compete with Lawrence who took her to church and brunch. How can I compete with that?

So I thought I would do something today that she would at least appreciate.
I cleaned my condo.

Now that at least it's a little clean - I thought I would post some pictures. You may notice that some walls are bare. I'm currently waiting on getting 2 things framed and then have a ton of stuff to put up - I just wanted all my stuff ready to go so I only have to hang stuff once.

I have a lot of collected editions of comics and movies. I'm pretty much a huge nerd. Hence no grandkids for mom from me yet.

My kitchen is pretty standard with ugly cupboards. I wallpapered the inside just for kicks.

Mom's sweet quilt on my bed. She also hemmed my drapes for me. Whatta Woman!

I removed the crappy rails on my closet - It opens the place up, but then I have to look at shirts and try to keep the closet in order.

Alright - enough crap about me. Here's one of my favorite B.S (Before Stuart) mom pictures. She's in her wedding dress after popping out all those kids. Not bad!

The latest picture of mom and me together, looking at the Christmas star.
She insisted on Anne Murray being included.
Mom is supposed to leave for Germany and then Italy tomorrow. Hopefully the volcanoes in Iceland behave.

Also, Happy Mothers Day to Grandma Pauline.
Here she is in her garden. The flowers are nearly taller then her.

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