Monday, July 05, 2010

Star Wars in Concert

One of the perks at work is sometimes getting free tickets for events at Rexall place in the corporate box. When Star Wars in Concert was announced I was first in line to reserve tickets. I'm not even a big Star Wars super fan, it's just that it's such geeky event. A full orchestra in an arena with a massive LED screen - count me in!
One of the great features for the concert was the displays throughout the building. They had some sweet props and character models.

It was a weird experience. You're basically just watching edited clips of the 6 movies on a TV while an orchestra supplies the sound.

It was pretty cool though. Well, maybe not cool - more like geeky fun.
Hey Chris, what's got you so excited. Is it Darth Vader or maybe Luke Skywalker?

Wait a second. Is it really? Could it be?
It is...It's a real life girl at the Star Wars concert!

Hubba Hubba
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