Sunday, July 18, 2010

Edmonton Street Performers Festival

One of my favorite Edmonton events, the International Street Performers Festival concluded today. I went on 3 separate occasions over the last week to Churchill Square to check out the action. Unfortunately I kept on seeing the same acts from earlier in the week or the years previous. That being said, they always put on a great show.

My first trip was over a long lunch hour from work with some colleagues. We grabbed some food from the vendors, found a spot at the top of the stairs and settled in for my favorite act I saw this year, Basketball Jones.

Basketball Jones' show was capped off with him juggling 3 basketballs atop a giant unicycle and then sinking each one into the hoop held by a crowd member. Awesome! 
Other performances included another juggler with his glass balls (teehee), and a Doctor for the kids.
Adding to the charm of the festival are roaming performers stilt-walking and making balloon animals.
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