Thursday, July 15, 2010

World Cup Sunday

I was pretty pumped to watch the World Cup Finals last Sunday. Most of the time I could care less about soccer, but every four years I get really excited by the spectacle of it all. I think the fact that so many people around the world are glued to every second of it is an attraction for me. Every game is like a Stanley Cup game 7 for hundreds of millions of people. Because of this I tried to experience as much world culture that day in Edmonton as I could.

My favorite split ukie/pollack met me in the morning and we walked over to Whyte Ave. We cut across the legislature grounds representing our own country Canada and our roots to England in our parliamentary government.

Once we got to Whyte we settled in at the Empress Ale House. Chris and his buddy were already there and had picked out sweet seats in front of the television. The Empress was about 97% full of Dutch fans and the management were great hosts in putting out tulips on the tables and supplying free food. 
Chris and Colin were decked out in their Dutch best.

The game was close the whole way through and I think Chris had more than one heart attack.
Right after the Spain win (boo!) Christina and I headed down the road a bit and caught the trolley.
The Hannover #601 is a six-axle high performance car built in 1970 as a prototype LRT car for the German city of Hannover. It's now part of the fleet of the Edmonton Radial Rail Society going over the high level bridge between Old Strathcona and Downtown (the highest streetcar crossing in the world).
The car is well preserved and maintains certain German charms.
Christina is kind of a big deal and knows the driver: Jason. You may remember him from previous posts driving the boat at Lac La Biche.
My final 'global encounter' of the day was back at Christina's parents place where I was lucky enough to be invited over for supper. Her Uncle was visiting from Poland and they put out quite a deluxe spread for with traditional fare like cabbage rolls and local cuisine like pickerel fillets.
One final picture of my international day. Christina with her Polish men.
From left to right: Cousin Mike, Uncle from Poland (not going to attempt to spell), Father Frank

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