Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mundare Ball Tournament

This weekend my slo-pitch team heading down the Yellowhead to Mundare for a ball tournament.  Our team has been coming together pretty well in our league so we had high hopes for the tournament.

When Christina found out where the tournament was she agreed to come check out the action as my designated driver in exchange for the opportunity to see the giant kielbasa of Mundare. It was not a disappointment.

From certain angles the sausage's profile changes quite a bit.
Saturdays ball games were pretty good. We started at 9am with an easy win and followed that with another lob sided victory. I played alright - not great.
I even struck out once for the first time this year. I blame a combination of alcohol and sun. Tournament rules stated that I had to wear a dress until another member of our team struck out. I ended up wearing it for awhile so I just decided to really own it.
For lunch Saturday we went down Main Street to M&M's Kozy Kitchen. Fantastic food at a great price in a kozy environment.
We lost the final game Saturday to a team called the Heat. Their name was apt for the weekend as the temperature was easily around 30 degrees.  They pulled out a win against us by a couple of runs to hand us our first loss. At 2-1 we had a bye for the first game of Sunday morning - so it was time to relax in the shade.
Sunday was equally as hot and we started playing at the height of the afternoon beating the Scallywags by coming from behind in the bottom of the final inning. It was an awesome game with a lot of good defence.
By the time the finals began against the Heat, I was literally melting in the sun. Our team played ok but we had one bad inning in the field and some hot and cold batting. I didn't play very well and had an extremely ill timed overthrow to first. We ended up losing the game by 6 runs.

By the time I got home today I looked a bit like a lobster.
Even though I didn't play that well it was a good time at the tournament with a great group of guys and gals. Mundare is a nice little town. It's only a short 2km's off the Yellowhead between Vegreville and Edmonton and worth a stop.

For a more full photo album check out the following link
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