Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Canada Day Long Weekend - Part 2

Even though the beach and the cabin were awesome I don't like to just sit around when on holiday.

For Canada Day we checked out the Lac La Biche Mission for a holiday event. The Mission was established in 1853 by the Oblate Order making it one of the oldest communities in Alberta. It's surprising that their is that long of a history for such a northern community.

For whom the bell toll...

On the Friday, while playing hookie (vacation day) from work, Christina, Mary, Jason and myself played the front nine holes at the Lac La Biche golf course. The course is right on the lake and is extremely picturesque.
Mary wasn't having her best game so Christina offered some advice. Apparently it's all in the hips.
Looks like a good lesson to me.
In the mean streets of Lac La Biche they were celebrating 100 years of the Lebanese people in the community.
There was great food and some surprising activies - like dressing up in Lebanese clothing for a picture.
Christina attracted a lot of attention in her outfit as she was literally the whitest person in the curling rink (where else would you celebrate a middle eastern culture?)

Final Bonus Activity: Eating free burgers from a liquor story in an alley.
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