Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mom Turns 70

On the family day weekend Mom hit a big milestone birthday - 70. To help celebrate Chrissy and I headed 'home' for the weekend to celebrate all things Mary Kehrig.



Family Supper!

Ice Cream Cake!

As a young guy who has seen his fair share of the complications of aging it is inspiring to see the fit and vigor that Mom has. She often remarks that as a young girl she never dreamed that she would one day have seen as much of the world that she has or to have experienced the joys that her large family has brought her. Truly she has come a long way since being born in an old farmhouse all those decades ago.

I often jokingly tell her that "She is the best Mom I have ever had" and while said in jest I can not imagine a better Mother. Every moment spent with my Mom has been an example of doing things the right way: offering kindness, being honest and understanding, thinking of not only yourself but others and expressing love in generosity and  action. If I can be half of the good person (and parent someday) that she is, then I know I have done well. There are not enough Thank-you's that I can pass on to her.

A young lady fresh out of school.

A still young lady and her baby.

Cheers to Mary Kehrig and her 70th Birthday. May there be many more!

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