Sunday, March 10, 2013

University of Alberta vs. University of Saskatchewan Hockey

Last weekend completely out of the blue Rob texted me telling me that he was coming to Edmonton to watch the UofS Huskies play the UofA Golden Bears in the deciding game of the 3 game series for the CIS CandaWest title. Of course I joined him to cheer on my alma matter (UofS).

I'm almost ashamed to admit it but it was my first ever CIS/University hockey game. Not knowing what to expect I was extremely impressed by the speed, precision and physical play of the game.

By the end of the first period it was apparent that it was the UofA's game to lose as they dominated play and held a 3 goal lead. At this point us 'fans' started entertaining ourselves through mascot abuse.

And gambling...which led to a big 50/50 win.

The Huskies in the 3rd period popped in a couple of goals but they were outclassed by the Golden Bears who coasted through for a 5-2 win and the Championship.

The Huskies may have lost but us fans still  felt a need to celebrate a bit - so we headed to The Pint for a table keg.

By about 9:30PM we were the only group in the bar. And like the party animals that we are, we played full sized Jenga as the bar staff bored out of their mind looked on. 

The team of Rob and myself ended up winning as we all employed the jerk move of simply stacking horizontal blocks. Champs!

So, if I learned anything from this night it was always do things on a whim and that its better to be a loser from the UofS than a winner from the UofA. Heyo!

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