Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Badminton Champs

Sometime near the middle of the this season of badminton Christina and I (Birds of a Feather) really started to click and last night we capped off the season by becoming Edmonton Sport and Social Club Recreation B Badminton Champions.

But, it was bound to happen really. How could the combination of my spinning backhand and Christina's net domination result in anything other than a mixed doubles Badminton (Div B) Championship?

But like any great sports success story it starts with an underdog. After finishing in the bottom third of teams last year in our inaugural season we had low expectations heading into our second year - and our season started off slow in a large pool of players where we were competitive but not winning a lot of matches.

This led to our being seeded into the Recreation B division. However, once we found our new divisional home we started to really take off. We finished the regular season 8-2 with a league best +169 differential for the top seed going into the playoffs.

Our first playoff match was against the #4 seed: Bad Mittens. We took the first game 21-17 and lost the second game 18-21 setting up an all or nothing third game for the Match. We narrowly squeaked through 15-13 putting us into the Finals against the #2 seed Bad Birdies.

Chrissy came out flying all around the court and we took the first game 21-17. We ran away early in the second game and coasted into a 21-14 win for the Match and the Championship. Playing out the evening in style we took the third game for fun 15-11.

It was a couple of hard matches and while still glistening from the effort we snapped some celebratory pictures on my cell phone.

Christina was a fantastic partner. She had great presence at the front of the net and was lightning fast returning the low over the net shots. Plus, most importantly she was a lot of fun.

We look forward to taking on all comers next year! Well, as long as they are in the B or lower Division.

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