Sunday, March 31, 2013

Roller Derby Nationals

A week or so back Christina and I found ourselves at West Edmonton Mall. While wandering around we came across the National Tournament of the Roller Derby Association of Canada. I was intrigued....

Chrissy and I tried watching the local team E-ville play once in the past and ended up at some lame-o drama club production. I was so disappointed in the experience I swore off watching Roller Derby ever again. But, being that I was already at the mall and it looked like a new game was beginning I figured "What the hell. Let's give it another shot."

We watched the two teams warm up for awhile then settled in from a different angle to watch the actual competition.

To be completely honest - it was a disappointment. The speed of movement was slower than I expected and considerably slower than the warm ups. The Jammers (think of a rabbit) glided alot only going full on speed for a few strides every pass.  The Pack (basically blockers) barely moved along the track simply jockeying for position to let their teams jammer pass through. Where I expected high speed breakneck action like a kick return in football I instead witnessed a rush hour traffic jam. Maybe it was just the teams playing, or a certain strategy being utilized but I was severely disappointed.

Color me jaded...

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