Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Champ is dead. Long live the Champ

Christina and I have a long standing rivalry in mini golf.

Traditionally, I have held the advantage but a little over a year back she soundly beat me on one faithful Saturday. Ever since then I have been demanding retribution but she has been continually ducking me. Eventually she has come to realize that to be recognized as a true champion she must grant me a shot at her title. But as a champ she can set the agenda. Finally, she threw down the gauntlet and set forth the opportunity through a package she purchased on Groupon.

We were to play at a location of her choosing - advantage Chrissy!

We arrived into the dayglow lit interior of Monster Mini-Golf late on a sunny afternoon. As I walked in I was struck by the disorienting colour. Chrissy, a former club kid, felt no adverse affects. The cards were clearly stacked in her favor. But I vowed to persevere.

With a quick ace on the second hole I found myself ahead as we passed by the Famous Edmontonians mural.

Some deft putting got me past the ogre without disturbing him as I rounded out the front nine with a lead. Feeling good I was further buoyed by the recognition of my home province and its mighty river.

The next couple holes Christina staged her comeback and began narrowing the lead...I was fit to be tied

(BTW - I have no idea why this mural is relevant. Are Republicans' monsters?)

Some low shot limits on holes saved me and with time/holes running out Christina received a grim message regarding her title reign.

By the time we reached the final hole her defeat was a mathematical surety and like the champion (and Batgirl) that she was she fought back against the killer clown and finished strong. 

I have now regained the title of Mini-Golf Champion of the Universe (of the House). I would like to congratulate Christina for carrying the burden of the title for over a full calendar year. I promise you that I will  carry the role of Champion forevermore leaving you for more gentle-womanly pursuits like knitting and not sucking at mini-golf.

Ha! Long live the Champ!

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