Monday, February 18, 2013

First Oiler Game of the Season

Last week I was sitting at work thinking about hockey and the Oilers when it dawned on me with the Dallas Stars playing that night it might be one of the last (and also first) times for me to see Jaromir Jagr. I can't say that I am a huge Jagr fan but the man has scored a lot of sweet goals and provided many Hockey Night in Canada memories with the Penguins. So, I went on Stubhub and picked up a couple of tickets for my buddy Adam and I in the cheap seats. Twenty seven bucks got me a discounted noseblead seat way up four seats from the back wall. 

We arrived at the game journeying up, up, up. The rarefied air and the view turned out to be pretty cool as you could see the whole ice. 

During the first intermission Adam and headed down to meet a friend and Adam snapped a picture for me with the Octane Girls - the Oilers Cheerleaders. Ummm, I think I will stick with my steak at home...

During the intermission, Adam and I met up with Chris and Jay who had pretty killer tickets in the mid 200's. It turned out that there was a couple extra seats right in front of them that were open so Adam and I jumped at them effectively turning our $27 tickets into $170 tickets. The view was significantly closer.

And I was even rewarded to a Jagr goal directly ahead of us as he iced the game for the Stars 4-1. If only every Oilers game offered me the same value....

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