Saturday, February 02, 2013

Winter Activities

The last week in Edmonton saw the biggest cold snap so far of the winter with days reaching -42 degrees with windchill. There is simply nothing to do on those days but hang out in inside, watch movies or ride the exercise bike. It sucks.

Knowing that the big freeze was coming Chrissy and I endeavored to get out and enjoy the weather prior to the big chill and basically 'play' in the winter environment.

On the Saturday night we accepted an invite from a friend to go out sliding on one of the many hills in the river valley. It was a perfect idea so we grabbed our sleds, a couple of crazy carpets from Canadian Tire, and some beverages to keep warm and headed out to Government House Park.

After trekking up the hill a few times we were beat and just sat watching the others come down the hill in the  the light from the big moon.

As you can see above; I was overheating from the treks up the hill. In the shot below you can see all the steam rising off my bare right hand (so I could take the picture) almost shadowing out Chrissy.

On the Sunday I took off just after noon for a rare midday rec-hockey game. This season our team has hardly been living up to our potential and have lost a ton of games. This particular game was no different. Shortly afterwards while I was still relatively fresh, (a.k.a not sore yet) I picked up Chrissy for a quick skate at our local community centre rink.

Chrissy isn't the strongest skater but she loosens up after a few laps and you can see an immediate improvement once her confidence builds a bit.

Of course, having boards to hold onto helps.

The memories of warm winter fun propelled us through the cold days and now that it's nice again we're pumped to get back outside.

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