Sunday, February 10, 2013

(Non) Lazy Saturday

The winter weather has been awesome this last week after a cold burst. Much like the past post I had, a little  Saturday afternoon trek was in order. But first I had a mirror to replace on my car.

Just a quick warning for anyone reading. Don't go through car washes unless they are no-touch. 
I was getting fuel at Petro Canada when I noticed that there was no line to the car wash. Well, now I know why. The big circular blue 'shammy' sheared my mirror right off the car. So after waiting for my paint matched part to come in I finished the install Saturday morning completing my $183 car wash experience.

With that out of the way the first stop for Chrissy and I was Churchill Square downtown for the farmers market. 

Despite our attending the market all the time we rarely ever buy fruits and veggies there. We find the prices to be a little exorbitant versus the prices right at the greenhouses or at H&W.

 Instead we bought samosa's and stuffed our faces.

Wandering out the front doors of city hall we noticed an open space set up for road hockey. I pleaded with Chrissy to stop and play for awhile and much to surprise she readily agreed and joined in.

Her hockey card shot.

After trekking about we settled in near the fire-pots to warm our hands.

Next stop was at T.H.I.S Place a new specialty drink place in the downtown. They are quickly becoming known for the their hot chocolates and for once the hype is worth it. They use real chocolate and all natural spices for flavoring. But beware, the process does take some time.
 If you are downtown in Edmonton you owe yourself a hot chocolate from this place. We even got a take home DIY real chocolate mix that will melt in warm milk.

From downtown we headed to the Old Strathcona farmers market for more deals and people watching.

We picked up some Manhattan Olives from Olive Me and some pepper spread but all that really did was make us even more hungry. And, just by pure coincidence there happened to be a mid afternoon Oilers game on. That just demands a trip to the bar. Beer, Wings, Ribs at the Rack. Oh yeah! 

Anther lazy Edmonton Saturday in the books.
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