Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Hot Child In The City

I don't do well in the heat. My body type; thick skin, dark dense hair, and blubbery is made for cooler seasons like fall and winter.

This summer season has been characterised by excessive heat, extreme weather during the early night and long still nights. I have learned that this is a bad combination for living at Chrissy's place. Her house gets pretty warm during the day and basically stays that way unless there is a breeze coming through during the night. Often times we goto bed in the basement or sleep apart from each other as the heat of the house and another body in the bed is unbearable.

I can't even recall how many times we have been this hot or warmer in the house during the night.
Finally not able to bear it anymore we have resorted to cavorting in our own backyard pool ($25 at Walmart) or joining in at friends places in their foot-cooling pooling.

Even with our own separate pool at Adam and Jenny's I can barely keep from wilting.
On a recent family gathering our little pirate ship pool helped Chrissy's niece Gabby beat the heat by sailing the emerald sea's of the backyard.
It also served as a much needed oasis for Chrissy's pregnant Sister-in-law and myself during a hot afternoon.
I get a little competitive about people showing up my gut in my own pool...

I say bring on fall, harvest and football. Give me a nice cool and steady 15-20 degrees.
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