Monday, August 13, 2012

Rock & Roll Edmonton

A couple weeks back through a hook-up a couple of buddies offered me a free ticket to go see Iron Maiden. I've never been a big fan but they are pretty legendary so I took up the offer.
Bruce was in fine vocal and active form putting on a good performance. That being said - my general impression was that Maiden was kind of lame. Maiden is non-ironic Spinal Tap. 
Good thing their pyro and lights were a lot better.

Slightly disappointed we went out on a search for a real rock and roll experience. That search lead us to the Historical Edmonton Landmark, the Transit Hotel. Just look at these reviews from

 "This is the dirtiest, sleaziest, scummiest place I have ever been to.  I felt so out of place because I was young, not into drugs, and I shower on a regular basis. Seriously, I was terrified of this place.   Do not go into this hotel!  Do not go into the bar.  STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!" 

 "I agree that place is a total dump. It stinks with spilled brews, totally unclean and serves too many risky patrons"

Just look at all those exclamation marks on the first review. It is actually daring me to do the exact opposite. Couple all of that with the fact that they serve OV - Outstanding!
Saskatoon High Tea
One of the worst bands I have ever seen. Not even so bad they are good. Just bad.
The night descending into a blur.

The Transit was a fun time and honestly it gets a bad rap. There were lots of regular folk in there that maybe don't always have the fanciest clothes or the coolest haircuts but are not that different from anybody else. Just out and about looking for a good time. I'll be back there again.
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