Sunday, August 05, 2012

Maligne Canyon

From our campsite we took a short drive into Jasper National Park. We stopped briefly in the town and then headed out towards Maligne Canyon and Lake. 
First stop - The hiking trails along the river of the canyon.

In the distance below you can see a dodgy looking bridge crossing the water. (Un)fortunately, the trail was closed due to high water levels so we chose a new route.
But first, stretching out the calf...ooh, it's a deep burn.

Our alternate route seemed to be straight up the side of a mountain. It was pretty grueling and we considered turning back on occasion. However, when we got to the top we were treated to a great view. You could even see the Jasper townsite from the peak.

Top of the world Ma!

Maligne Canyon is a beautiful spot and the hiking trails were in great shape. Highly recommended.
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