Friday, August 03, 2012

Camping at William A Switzer Park

A weekend or so back Christina and I felt we needed a break from city life and decided to head out camping. This was our first camping trip together so there was a bit of trepidation and excitement to determine if we would excel in this environment together or if we would despise each other by the end.

We decided on camping at the Gregg Lake Campground at William A Switzer Provincial Park just north of Hinton. I took the day off of work on the Friday, getting together final accoutrement's and packed the car to pick Chrissy up from work. Some small car problems and a bunch of Stuff You Missed In History Class podcasts later we arrived 3 hours later NW of Edmonton.

With thunder off in the distance we mad rushed to get our camp set up.
We ended up just missing a big storm as it glided past us to the South. However, that night we did get to hear the pitter patter of rain and the sound of the pooled tarp water rushing off every couple of minutes. 

I woke a little earlier than Chrissy and started on breakfast - Bacon and Blue Ribbon.
I tried to be good and cook the bacon slowly but I was impatient and set-up a little cooking spot. It worked, in that the bacon cooked quickly, but I ended up spilling most of the bacon in the fire. A quick washdown and re-fry and I served it up for Chrissy. Christina loves, loves, loves bacon.

To my dismay she exclaimed that it was the worst bacon she had ever had. I was crushed. I was pretty sure our relationship was over. That is how much she loves bacon.

 Maybe the beauty of nature would make her forget my breakfast fail.

As it was Canada Parks Day we headed down to Kelly's Bathtub (another lake within the Park) to check out the lake and the festivities

The highlight of the lake was beautiful little bay marina attached to the larger lake.

For Park Day they had a bunch of displays and activities for children set up near the interpretative centre. Realizing that this could be an opportunity to impress Chrissy and once again be seen in her eyes as a provider I lined up to have a go at traditional hunting.
I was given the option of a spear or an atlatl
"An atlatl a tool that uses leverage to achieve greater velocity in dart-throwing.
It consists of a shaft with a cup or a spur at the end that supports and propels the butt of the dart. The atlatl is held in one hand, gripped near the end farthest from the cup. The dart is thrown by the action of the upper arm and wrist. The throwing arm together with the atlatl acts as a lever. (Wikipedia)

 The Line-Up
The Throw!
I missed to the left. The conservation officer was impressed by my speed but all I could see what doubt in Christina's eyes.

Needing to show her my manly value I decided to show her that I was fearless and went to nose to nose with this strangely skinny bear. Still nothing....
 Perhaps my ingenuity and mastery of technology would impress her.
 Nothing again. I was confused and frustrated.
 And heartbreaker that she is...she just laughed. Bwahahahaha
I had to redeem myself - and there could be only one way. I must re-forge our once solid connection with food over the iron grated hellfire of breakfast. But that would have to wait - we had some more nature walking to do...(see future blog posts for nature walk).

Morning again...Time to win her back with multiple courses.

Begin with the humble oatmeal.
Progress to the morning entrĂ©e of breakfast sausage.
Finally, end it all with morning s'mores.
And, I can proudly say that I write this blog now about 10 days later sitting in our shared home.

Chocolate and marshmallow saves me again.

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