Friday, August 24, 2012

Alberta Beach

Continuing our summer of daytrips and small towns around Edmonton, Christina and I found ourselves at Alberta Beach.  The whole 40 minute ride out there I kept on singing that it was "far away in time" but the reference was lost on Chrissy.  Kids! pffft.

Th beach was ok but no sign of Martha or her Muffins.

Wherever we travel we like to get a bit of the local colour so we headed to Jungles Bar and Grill as it had a deck overlooking the beach. It was a busy place with motorbikers and their 'old ladies' so I surmised that they may serve Old Vienna.  Success!
Christina ordered chicken fingers and fries and we settled in enjoying the sun, beer and the people around us.
However, after about 50 minutes we started getting agitated that our lunch that we pre-purchased hadn't arrived.
Eventually, about 80 minutes later, lunch arrived.
It was pretty average but it soothed the savage beast within.

So in summary, the beach is ok but not worthy of dedicating a 1980's rock song to and don't bother going to Jungles for grub, only beer. I think I got this town figured out now. Maybe I'll check back in a decade or two.

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