Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hanging at Hawrelak Park

Chrissy has had a hectic work schedule this Summer so we've been trying to find strategic ways to unwind while not spending a buttload of money. One of our favorite tactics is to pack some camping staples into a basket and head to Hawrelak Park.

About a week back we decided that we needed a break. Over my lunch hour I ran out and picked up some firewood, hotdogs and treats. Directly after work I met Christina downtown and whipped down through traffic to the park. We beat most of the other weekday warriors, found an available site and started on the fire.

After some dogs we got to the good stuff: S'mores.

The giant marshmallows that we used were literally oozing out of the graham crackers and made quite a mess, but they were fantastic.
Full of sugar energy we broke out the Lac La Biche Lebanese 100 year Commemorative Frisbee and attempted to burn off some calories.

 My throw was a bit off.
Two foot release.
 The patented Flamingo Toss®

Every year I check to see if I can still do a handstand. A day at the park seemed  a fine time to check.

 Still got it.
As a liberated woman capable of doing whatever a man can, Chrissy gave it a shot.
Classic pre-lift stance.
 Transition to the can opener.
 Praying mantis achieved.
Good cheap fun.

Bonus Pic - The rare site of a boat in the lake. They were treating the water for the upcoming triathlon.

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