Sunday, July 15, 2012

Quick Trip and Surprises

A couple of weeks back Christina and I took off for the weekend to her brothers cabin. Her brother requested that we take his truck up there and leave it there for him. It was my duty to drive the big rig. It was a bit of a rough ride with a pushing side wind and the click clack of big rubber pads on the tires but it also was a nice change of perspective on the road. After driving my little Honda for so long it seemed weird, yet fun, to be that high up.

Upon arrival at the cabin we found a couple new surprises. A stuffed otter and a giant bottle of vodka.

 A lovely father,daughter, and stuffed weasel moment.

The vodka bottle came with its own light in the base. It actually looked really cool when it was all lit up.
Pouring out of it though was quite a challenge but I attacked it like a trooper. 

All in all it was the perfect quick getaway from the city.
I find that if I am in the city for a month on end I just need to  get out and re-charge my batteries. Hopefully, we'll get out there a couple more times this year.

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