Monday, July 16, 2012

Canada Day Weekend 2012

Christina and I didn't make any plans prior but we had quite the eventful Canada Day weekend this year. Our weekend started off with a quick Saturday morning trip to Wabamum Lake and the first ever Dragonfly Festival at the Village of Wabamum' 100 year anniversary.

I had never been to the village before so we took in their most prominent tourism site: The Giant Dragonfly.

 After that we walked through the show and shine checking out the classic cars. 

This sweet ride was my favorite

We arrived in town just in time for the beginning of the parade. There's a good chance that you previously may have heard me rant and rave about how much I hate parades (clogging up traffic, take forever, stupid waving politicians, etc.) and I generally do...However, small town parades are the best! They have actual personality and they still throw candy from the floats. Naturally the maple leaf flags were out that day.

This float from the local curling club was my favorite. A giant inflatable curling rock wheeled on a skateboard. Definitely better than any $80,000 City of Edmonton float.

During the parade we ran into mine and Christina's old boss at EEDC - Dave. He graciously invited us to his cabin to hang out and have a beer. We took him up on the offer and even helped pay off our beer by helping him move a boat lift into position around his dock. It was a very enjoyable and completely unexpected visit. We may call on him out at their cabin again...

To top off the day we even squeezed in a visit with Monica, Paul and the kids.

The Sunday of the long weekend we were a lot less ambitious. We hung around the house for most of the day and then headed out to Sherwood Park to check out their festivities.  Besides some great carnival food they had some cool exhibits like these giant remote control planes and a cool toy train set-up. If you click on the train picture, you may notice a familiar car on the streets near the hotel.

The festival place town centre in Sherwood Park is actually quite nice and we enjoyed watching the ducks and the canoes circling around before heading out for a drive to Beaumont...a picturesque little prairie town.

Just to show the local town some love we even stopped by City Hall in Edmonton for a little bit.

For the Monday we decided to be a bit more productive and stopped by Christina's brothers place to help with the building of their garage. I did my part but didn't end up working too hard.

Mostly, I just took on the role of Go'Fer and helped out on finishing the roof.

The weekend ended up being good. Equal parts relaxing without being totally useless (I don't relax well). Happy Birthday Canada, you don't look a day over 39.
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