Tuesday, November 02, 2010


It was a busy and fun Halloween this year. Even though Sunday was the big day I did most of my celebrating on Friday. In the afternoon we were encouraged to dress up at work. I didn't really plan to, but decided at the last second to go by some facial makeup and join in the fun. Here's the staff photo. Melody in the middle, as Cruella deVille won our office competition with her twin boys as accessory dalmatians.

 We went for drinks at Sherlock Holmes right after work and things got a little crazy. Jeff was feeling fine.
 Melody wasn't overly impressed with his actions and disciplined him appropriately.
 Melody's bling was all real. That's just how she rolls.
 That Friday night we went to the big blowout Halloween Howler party at the Shaw Conference Centre. The headlining act that night was scheduled to be Brett Micheals of Poison fame. Showing no creativity I decided to dress as Brett Micheals. Of course that means I have to dress like a greasy idiot and wear makeup. The ladies were all to happy 'get my face on'.
 Christina's friend Mary was in charge of my makeup. I think she got a perverse kick out of the job.
 In full scumbag mode as Brett Micheals.
My lovely make-up team. Mary the Nascar babe and fraulein Chrissy.
 World tour to Ocktoberfest?
 The third lady in my groupie harem (a guy can wish) Sandra the lion tamer.
  The ladies - all looking in different directions. So much to see.
  I think Christina liked my goofy outfit.
 I was not the only guy dressed as Brett. I think I stopped and posed with at least 3 other guys dressed similar.
 And now some of my favorite costumes. As with all pics, click to make larger.

And my personal favorite, which is terribly offside.
This dude was dressed as Linda Blair from the Exorcist and kept yelling profanity from the movie while stabbing herself. He actually had a team of people with him that carried him on a gurney/bed for the night.
Good work.

And for those who care. Brett Micheals was absolutely horrible. Listening to him sing Sweet Home Alabama actually killed Skynard again.
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