Thursday, November 25, 2010

Visiting Seattle - Part 4 (The Gluttony)

Like any good roadtrip Christina and I completely pigged out. When I'm surrounded by that much fresh seafood I can't help myself. Some highlights.

Slurping down oysters at The Brooklyn. A great spot!

 Mimosa's for lunch at Cutters Crabhouse plus some of the best bread I have ever had.

We went to a big grocery store in Chinatown and picked out fun drinks. I ripped the top of mine and threw it away without realizing it had an opener in it to push down a marble and actually get to the drink. I tried pressing that bastard down for about an hour then gave up. Learn more about the drink here.

Pyramid Breweries samplers across from Safeco field. 
The Pale Ale was my favorite, Christina liked the Apricot.

 A refreshment break on the waterfront after some wicked chowder.

 Soda for the masses.

 Crazy amounts of highballs and draft as FX McRory's

 Too much good food and drink. We needed a caffeine injection. No better place to go then the original Starbucks. Note the original old school logo.

 Final supper at the Fisherman's Restaurant. The four course Crab Feast for 2 is fantastic.

I cam home from the trip about 8 pounds heavier then when I left.
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