Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Visiting Seattle - Part 2

I'm just going to come out and say it. Seattle is waaaaaay cooler than Edmonton. Everybody has been going gaga over our Edmonton's Art Gallery, which is really nice, but it doesn't even compare to the Experience Music and Sci-fi Museum in Seattle. They look similar, and both say that they are state of the art but Seattle's is just killer.
Seattle on the left - Edmonton on the right.
(Not my pictures - stolen from Internet)

As soon as you enter the main area of the Experience Music section you come across this crazy middle beam structure of musical instruments, primarily guitars.

 After touring the Seattle music wings full of cool Hendrix, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana etc., memorabilia you can actually go into sound booths and create music or just bang around on cool equipment. Christina mixing sound on Eurythmics hits.

 A cool motion recognition machine where the sound responds to where your hands cut the beams between the glass pillars. Super cool.
 Face melting!!!

 The Sci-fi side was hosting a huge Battlestar Galactica exhibit in the Sci-Fi section. I never really watched the original but I loved, loved, loved the latest series.

Here's Starbuck's fighter.

And the sexy Tricia Helfer red dress. Yowza!

Back in the regular sci-fi section they had a ton of cool stuff, too much to mention. I liked the costumes from Blade Runner. Mostly just because the striped pants would make me look skinnier

I highly recommend anybody going to Seattle to check out the Experience Music and Sci-fi Museum. It was definitely a highlight for me. I think Christina liked it too.

If you turn around directly from where the above picture is taken you'll be right at the Space Needle.

We were completely lucky that the day we decided to try the Space Needle was the only day it was not cloudy in Seattle for the span of a couple weeks. The view was outstanding.

Back on solid ground we headed for the International Fountain which we noticed from above.

 There was a group of little girls hanging out waiting for the fountain to start up as we got near. Once the water actually started they began chanting "Water, Water, Water". After a few second the rainbow started to appear, they quickly changed up their chant to "Water and Rainbow, Water and Rainbow, Water and Rainbow". For the rest of the weekend for no reason me and or Christina would just start chanting that.

I got a little daring and went into the regular stream of the fountain. People on the outskirts were all yelling at me or commenting about how I was going to get wet. Little did they know that with my mustache I'm so greasy that the water slides right off.

All of these sites and attractions were within a block of each other and located on the outskirts of the downtown. The cool part is that if you wanted to travel back and forth between this area and the heart of the downtown you could take a monorail. That's right a monorail, just like in North Haverbrook.

 Riding it was fun, but a little freaky as when it took a big curve the whole cab moves with the curve like a gyroscope. Definitely cool.

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