Monday, November 22, 2010

Visiting Seattle - Part 1

This year for Remembrance Day Christina and I decided to take an extra couple of days off and do a road trip. We selected Seattle as it was the first 'major' US city that we could reach by car. We are too broke to fly anywhere.

We didn't really have any set plans, we picked a basic route through google maps and then headed west right after work. The first night we got to Blue River BC and then headed off early in the morning.

We got to the border around 1:30 on Nov.11th and ended up waiting for about 2 hours to finally get through into the States. Once we got on the Interstate my lead foot took over and we made great time towards Seattle. Of course, we first had to stop off at the huge outlet mall before the big city. We killed a few hours there then arrived in our hotel in downtown Seattle a little after 7pm.

First stop when we got settled was Pike Place Market. Unfortunately everything was closed up already for the night. We got some drinks and food nearby but Christina was bummed that we couldn't explore the market.

We both got up early the next day and were immediately out the door in search of the action at the market. We were not disappointed. There was tons of really great fresh fish, produce and flowers.

The World Famous fish tossers at Pike Place Market. The area was too packed to get a good picture of the fish mid-air. It was this old dudes birthday so he got a picture taken with his birthday fish.

 The flowers all looked great and were super cheap. They were selling great looking bouquets that would cost at least $40+ in Edmonton for about $15. For some reason I was fascinated by the kale flowers.

Another favorite attraction was the Aquarium. They have made the area very hands on and people friendly, which is good as Chrissy is crazy for carp!

  Starfish are really soft and weird.

 Doing the twist


 A beauty giving me a nice view

For me the otters were the highlight.
This dude just basically chilled out swirling around and putting on a show for his fans.

Enough flora and fauna - next post man made fun. 
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