Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Visiting Seattle - Part 3

Some additional cool sites from Seattle.

Safeco Field - home of the Mariners.

 The day before we left Edmonton longtime Mariners announcer Dave Niehaus died and the team held a public ceremony for him at the ballpark. This was the fan monument on the outside.

 My brother Geoff and I had gone to the ballpark a few years back and it's an impressive building. It was great to back. Behind me you can see the banner celebrating Dave Niehaus.

 The receiving line for the memorial was on the field, and was massive. It snaked around the field up the first base line by the dugout, up to the main concourse and then wrapped around up there to the third base line. Crazy! We chose not to wait around to pay our respects.

 While wandering around we came upon a park with a waterfall in the middle of the city. The park stands where UPS was originally founded and was created and maintained by the company today. It was quite stunning, especially as it's pretty much hidden.


 Macy's had it's Christmas display in full effect. I liked the reindeer barn.

Along the waterfront there was a massive free sculpture garden. At first when we came around a corner I thought this tree was real and not a metal piece of art.

 I'm a fan of waterfronts. It must be the prairie boy in me - with all of the life around it they just seem cool.

Other highlights were the Public Library, which was a very cool modern building and easily the best library I have ever been in. Best of all its free to enter and explore.

Another very cool thing we did was take the Seattle Underground Tour in Pioneer Square. Great tour guides, cool settings under the street level and a fantastic history lesson. Highly recommended.
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