Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hat Party

This past weekend Christina's friends Dayna and Grant were celebrating Grant's 40th birthday. To celebrate they were throwing one of their infamous, according to Chrissy, Hat Parties. I managed to weasel my way in.

The general premise is Dayna and Grant have a 'tickle trunk' full of weird and wacky hats. Add booze and you got a party.

Some pics - they do most of the talking.

 The Medusa hat was a fan favorite and was generously passed around. 
My favorite hat of the night. The Milkbox missing child. Christina modeling it with the birthday boy. 
  Important nutritional information. Christina, 80 calories a serving.
 Christina with her friend Dayna.
 Christina and I in a self portrait.
The shindig was a great time. I'm already looking forward to the next Hat Party.
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