Monday, October 04, 2010

Quebec City: Part 4 - Hi jinks

My first night in the city I attended a social with the conference. After that I wandered around and found a couple of decent bars along the way. Eventually it started to rain pretty heavy so I ducked into the first pub along the way back to my Hotel. It turned out it was a hardcore francophone punk bar. It was pretty nuts hearing punk music in french - somehow it just seemed a lot less angry.
When I got back to my hotel and took off my new soaking wet dress shoes I got a surprise. The dye from the leather had seeped through and stained my feet. I scrubbed them down, even using the complimentary makeup remover in the bathroom, and this is the best I could get them.
Of course dirty feet doesn't discourage me. But, soon I encountered my most bitter enemy in it's natural environment. It was like my feet and society were mocking me.
 The only thing that could get me out of my feet funk was pounding them with the pavement to see what I could see.

And what a treasure I found  - the biggest celebrities in Quebec. Bonus points if you recognize the silver bearded one.
Things you learn on the road: Christina is an experienced wine drinker, but forks are an unknown to her.
Cannons are awesome
Wall are awesome.
I'm pretty sure I pulled something holding up my weight for this picture.
While on the Plains of Abraham I took the chance to campaign for love not war.
 Christina's knees got weak just being in the same spot as I was moments before.
 Needing a time-out Christina opted for a glass of wine and some chocolate mousse. I instead ordered a 9% beer and some bread. She's high class and I'm easily contented.
 The last bite of mousse.
My last meal in Quebec City - Lamb shanks. Delicious. 
And that concludes my trip to Quebec City. Until next time.
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