Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Indian Summer / Autumn

Most people considered summer in Edmonton this year to be brutal. When it wasn't raining, it was cloudy and or windy. We barely had any true hot summer days. As a dude who doesn't really like the heat, I wasn't complaining but I understand other folks complaints.

I think everyone can at least agree that Fall this year has been absolutely awesome. I think we had more nice weather days in September than in both July and August combined.

The following pictures are my favorites that I've taken this year showing the colours and sights of autumn, both here in Edmonton and from my trip to Quebec City.

 The good old Maple Leaf

 That's patriotism stuck in my teeth.

Christina's towering sunflowers in her garden. 

 The view from the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton on a lunchtime walk.

 Christina sunning herself in the river valley. 

 View of the downtown from the pedestrian bridge near Louise McKinney Park.

 My street in Edmonton. It is a bit of a treat to walk down here after being stuck in an office all day.

 The leaves are almost completely off the trees now. I'm hoping for an early snow.
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