Friday, June 18, 2010

Ukrainian Night At The Old Ballpark

Last week the Edmonton Capitals held a promotion called Ukrainian Night. They promised authentic Ukrainian food, music, entertainment and even Ukrainian language announcers.

I managed to drag Christina, Christie, Kelly B and her friend along with me. A night of unintentional hilarity ensued.

The game started super early due to it being a double header - for the first pitch the stadium was pretty quiet.

The first bit of entertainment was between innings and right in front of us. I loved how the players didn't even seem to care or notice the dancing going on around them.
Wandering around the ballpark were a couple of Cheemo Perogy mascots. Christina is a sucker for doughboys.
In between games of the doubleheader we were treated to an extended dance sequence. I was also amused by the ground crews complete professionalism.
What I also found hilarious was how they were careful not to smudge the chalk lines and their respect for home plate and the batters box.
The second game started out with a lovely rendition of the Ukrainian national anthem - the mascots were very respectful.

Bonus - Video Footage

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