Thursday, June 17, 2010

Humboldt Reunions

The theme of June is apparently "old school reunion"  as I've met up with a bunch of my fellow Humboldtians. Which is always pretty cool.

I've had the chance to hang out with James Rosenberg, Chad Shabatoski, Kevin Melnychuk, Daniel Novecosky, and Darren Stroeder.

It's been good having James around after so long away - much like Gatsby "He always looks so cool"
A special treat was running into Sandy and Tony Stroeder in town to visit Darren, I met them one Saturday while walking around the farmers market by my place.
(notice the true RR pride)
As the Stroeders are Humboldt royalty Chad, who was also at the market, jumped in for a picture. Not the best shot of me but thats because I was on the lookout for more Humboldt people.
Also visiting this month is my favorite ex-Humboldter, no not Trevor Lloyd, it is of course my Mother.
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