Monday, June 07, 2010

Edmonton Capitals

The Edmonton Capitals of the Golden Baseball League begun their first home series last week against the Na Koa Ikaika team out of Maui. I became a fan last year due to their cheap ticket prices ($10) and their cheap beer prices ($4). It also doesn't hurt that they are a 5 minute walk away and have weird theme nights.

The home opener occurred on a Tuesday so it was $2 all you can drink slush night. Awesome.

I got super excited when I realized that I could mix my two favorite things.

The opening ceremonial pitch by Oilers play-by-play guy Rod Phillips and the real first pitch. 
Darren Stroeder joined me and Christina halfway through the game as I had accidentally gave him my phone number with the numbers mixed up. I hate phones.

The game was close the whole way through with the Capitals winning in the bottom of the ninth on a close play at the plate.

I went back to the ballpark on Friday after work for the final game of the homestand versus Maui. 

It was a great night outside and it ended with a bigtime Capitals win and the customary Friday Fireworks.

Also: This is my view from my parking lot - overlooking the ball park rather than my condo view of the Mac's.
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