Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rocky Mountains Trip Part 1 - Trekking in Nordegg

Last week was a long stressful week at work. As I was beginning to crack up, Christina insisted that I accompany her to the mountains. It turned out that it was much needed.

We managed to snag a couple of beds at the Nordegg Hostel. It's a great facility, and a popular spot for travelers. The place was packed - so it wasn't the quiet oasis I was looking for. However, good prices and the good location made up for that.

Our first hike of the day started by crossing a small suspension bridge. We got about a 1/3rd of the way down it when a woman with a baby carriage came along. The bridge was so narrow we backed off and let her pass.
We probably hiked about 14kms and I took a ton of pictures. I've sorted them below by pictures of me, Christina, and landscapes. Like all the pictures on the website click to make them bigger.
I love nature!!!

Christina loves streams!!!

Great views on the hike.

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