Monday, June 14, 2010

Brisket Saturday

Mom was visiting a little over a week ago and what better way to celebrate then smoked meat in the form of brisket.  Christina joined me at Monica and Pauls place: we got there about 3PM and Paul was 5 hours into cooking already.

Obviously, at Mucca's place the big attraction (other than meat) is Claire and Ren. 
Claire was also cooking that day - she was making mudpies.
Ren had no time for cooking as he was styling in his boots.
Christina was jealous of the kids so she got in on the fun. 
I tried to subdue the kids and have a few pops.
Of course that didn't last long and I had to pull out my patented annual handstand. I found that while I can do it pretty well, I'm not a very good teacher.
Not to be outdone by Pauls culinary skills Monica displayed her home-ec project, a dress she made with Mom's coaching.
Eventually, it was brisket time. It was truly outstanding. I ate so much I hat the meat sweats for a couple of days. So good!
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