Monday, August 08, 2011

Encore Opera: Storm the Stage
(April Part 2) 

As mentioned before (See link) I am on the board of the Edmonton Opera Encore group and once a year we host a big party on the stage of an opera at the Jubilee Auditorium. In April, we hosted our party - Storm The Stage.

Basically, the whole premise of the party is to hang out on the stage, drink some beer, get a behind the scene tour, schmooze, listen to a dj, and play dress-up in previous opera costumes and wigs. Every year its a great time and this year was no exception. 

Christina and I playing dress up.
I think Chrissy looks like a Star Trek TOS red shirt in the right picture.
 The white snoop dogg pose to the left
 Family resemblance to a young Geoff and Monica.
Christina has got my back.
 What a sultry raven haired albino!

The rest of the encore group was looking good too.
My personal favourite picture.

The next Storm the Stage party is coming up soon on October 21,2011. 
For more information click and follow @encoreopera on twitter.
The theme for this year is "atypical Edmonton" and we are having a film contest. Rules below.
Submit a short, 60 second movie, no spoken dialogue, any music (operatic music preferred). Think up and coming, unknown secrets of Edmonton, of opera in Edmonton, of art in Edmonton

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